Our Mission

Premier Karts was formed by lifelong friends Hermie Sadler and Robin Bradshaw simply because of their friendship and love for the karting industry. 

Robin Bradshaw has been very influential in the lives of many aspiring racers throughout his career, and that includes both Hermie and Elliott Sadler.  Robin is well known for his engineering and contributions to kart racing through his many successful chassis and engines.  He is truly a champion that has made many others champions as well.


The way our system works is simple.  We ONLY sell winning karts.  Each Premier Racing Chassis is individually inspected by Robin Bradshaw before going to the paint shop.  After paint, each kart is assembled then tested and raced by one of our distributors or junior drivers.   Once that kart passes all the tests and wins, it is then eligible to be sold to a customer, our way to guarantee that every kart we sell is proven winner.  Every Single One.


We also offer unmatched customer support and service, as well as a rental options for karts, engines, and tires.


And yes, ANY OF OUR KARTS WITH YELLOW BODIES ON THEM AT THE TRACK ARE FOR SALE.  Just take it from Victory Lane to your shop.  It’s that simple.